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Human activity is evident, yet nothing is apparent here. Except for a single man who looks only through the lens of his camera. 

The scene is designed for a large gathering but instead is viewed alone and in silence. 

Every fairy light, balloon and chair remain untouched. 

Viewing only through the lens of his camera still, the man leaves the venue as immaculately as when he entered. 

Angie Parsons. 8 April 2017. “well what a fab night for Tracy Balmer. 50th gret to see everybody xx x happy birthday sis x “

Information Found: Set of images for a function room party with pictures of it empty and with friends and family - Function room with old wooden beams on the ceiling - Red and silver themed party - 50 number balloons (silver) - Empty seating and tables waiting for guests - Images are angles from a corner of a room with a wide span for image viewing

Fairly lights wrapped around the beams around the room along with red balloons.

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