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When does intimacy become          invasive?

Just centimetres apart, a young man and woman are situated,  finding himself captured within the female’s intense proximity.

Absorbed by her finer detail, the man analyses the woman. Noticing that the deep roots which flow beneath the bed of her hair, highlights the small glitter pigments which sink within the creases of the female eyelids.  

Squinting his eyes, the male suggests that the small distance already set between himself and the female is  not        substantial        enough        for        him.

Beth Prandle. Posted by Beth Prandle. 1 January 2020. “NYE (Firework Emoji)” Information Found: Close up image of a female - Blonde hair with dark sections running through - Glitter bronzed eye lids with her eyes shut in the image - Her mouth is open almost mid laugh whilst holding a drink in her right hand, her body language appears to be turned towards the camera - Wearing a grey one shoulder top.

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